The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead

Lead Designer | DesktopDaydreams Studios | 2014-2021

On this project I worked as the lead game designer, where I was responsible for all facets of design, ranging from game and narrative to level design and pacing.

  • Pitched and designed original concept for the game
  • Pitched, designed and prototyped game play systems with a narrative focus
  • Co-wrote all of the game worlds lore and story
  • Co-designed all puzzles
  • Scripted all game play events – triggers, cinematic events and puzzles
  • Pitched and built UI system with a focus on VR
  • Owned designs and saw them through to completion
  • Organised play test sessions, collected feedback and iteration
  • Organised and project managed virtual team of 4 over different time zones
  • Organised marketing and social media

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