Big Tidy Up

Designer | Design for Industry University Project | 2010

The Big Tidy Up Game was a team university project for the design for industry module. It was pitched to the Keep Britain Tidy charity as part of their big tidy up campaign in 2010. After we finished university, the team decided to keep working on the game and add further polish. The game was then released on the Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) platform.

On this project I worked as the game designer and team leader. I was responsible for all aspects of design including flow and documentation 2D art and project management.

  • Co-designed and developed original concepts for the game
  • Design was based on causal co-op based play
  • Team leader / project management
  • Wrote documentation
  • 2D artwork
  • Organised play test sessions, collected feedback and iteration


It was entered into the 2010 Game Republic Student Show Case and received the following awards:

  • 1st place for the Sumo Digital award for Game technology
  • 2nd place for the Team 17 award for Game Design
  • 2nd place for the Rockstar Leeds ward for best Team
  • 3rd place for the Just Add Water award for Game Art

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