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Role: Individual university project | Platform: PC | Genre: 2D side-scrolling shooter | Engine: Custom| 2008

This was my first attempt at coding a game and the project brief was to design and build a game using Adobe Flash CS3 and Action script 2.

The game specification:

  • On screen instructions for the first time player.
  • Levels should be different in terms of game play (i.e. change of difficulty to allow for flow)
  • The game should feature some kind of scoring system and/or win/lose scenario.
  • It should be sensitive to the user’s needs (i.e. playable!).

Game Design Process and Documentation

My original idea was to design a game based around Atari’s 1981 Defender.

The game loop was to control a space ship while either:

  1. Either avoiding environmental hazards or oncoming ships
  2. Destroy oncoming alien craft while

Difficulty would ramp up each round by increasing the challenge to the player. An example of this was achieved by moving from static obstacles to moving obstacles (enemies) . Moving from moving obstacles to obstacles that shoot the player and then by adding in static obstacles with enemies that shoot the player.

Here is the original documentation for the game and the prototype for the game is here.

Big Tidy Up

Role: Designer | Platform: PC and Xbox | Genre: Casual | Engine: Custom | 2010 |


The Big Tidy Up Game was a team university project for the design for industry module. It was pitched to the Keep Britain Tidy charity as part of their big tidy up campaign in 2010. After finishing university, the team decided to keep working on the game and add further polish eventually releasing to the Xbox Live Indie Games (XBLIG) platform.


  • Worked with client and designed games around their creative vision
  • Tuning and balancing of game systems 
  • Authored and maintained Game Design Documentation and project management
  • Created 2D assets
  • Organised play test sessions with student clubs and collected feedback
  • Play tested and documented design issues and bugs
  • Brainstorming with the team to iterate on features


The game was entered into the 2010 Game Republic Student Show Case and received the following awards:

  • 1st place for the Sumo Digital award for Game technology
  • 2nd place for the Team 17 award for Game Design
  • 2nd place for the Rockstar Leeds ward for best Team
  • 3rd place for the Just Add Water award for Game Art

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Trailers and Game play


Developer | University Individual Project | 2009-10

Junk was an XNA game prototype built using Torque X 3D. It was submitted for my final year individual project at university at took around 3 months.

The core game loop was based on the character’s jump pack, collecting and exploring.

  • Designed and developed original concept for the game
  • Wrote all of the game worlds lore and script
  • Designed all puzzles
  • Scripted all game play events – triggers, cinematic events and Turret AI
  • Created all art assets
  • Organised play test sessions, collected feedback and iteration

Devlogs and Game play

The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead

Role: Designer | Platform: PC and Xbox | Genre: First-person horror adventure | Engine: Unity | 2015-2021

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The Corridor: On Behalf Of The Dead is a sci-fi horror game set in a dystopian future where law enforcement invade criminals’ minds to uncover their guilt.

I was involved in all aspects of the games development and worked in close collaboration with artists, programmers and animators to create a rich, immersive and engaging player experience.


  • Designed and developed entire sections of the game. Worked from high-level design briefs and pushed them to release-quality player experiences.
  • Created blockmesh level prototypes. This included – but not limited to – level layout development, world building, narrative beats, puzzle design and AI encounters.
  • Designed and scripted player interactions, and gameplay events using various tools including visual scripting, cinema director and Mecanim.
  • Designed and implemented AI behaviour tree for enemy encounters and paths for NPC’s enemy encounters.
  • Authored and maintained several documents including GDD and golden path level playthrough documentation for use by team members.
  • Designed and implemented world space User Interface with a focus on compatibility with traditional and VR experiences.
  • Worked in close collaboration with a programmer, artist and creative writer to craft an immersive and engaging player experience.
  • Play tested and documented design issues, bugs and other aspects that affected player experience.
  • Organised play test sessions through discord and collected feedback
  • Organised a multidisciplinary team of 4, virtually across multiple time zones

Trailers and Game play